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Auto Repair: 7 Step by Step Car Repairs You Can Do Yourself

7 Step by Step Car Repairs You Can Do Yourself

Stop wasting money on minor car repairs. How much did car repairs cost you last year?Every repair you do yourself saves your hard-earned money. These repairs over time will save you thousands of dollars. Follow our step by step repair instructions that anyone can learn to do. Learn skills you can share with your family and friends.

You will become the expert. Start saving money today! When is the last time you sat on the side of the roadway waiting for the service truck?How many people can repair their car if it stops running?Whether you have Onstar or some other type of roadside assistance. You will still be sitting waiting for someone to come from the repair service.

No matter what the time of day or night this is a bad experience. Think about your wife, children or friends they are not going to be in a very good mood. Being broke down anytime is terrible. Why do you throw away your money for service?When you can make minor repairs yourself.

These are all things you write in your maintenance records. Well you can probably guess what's going to happen next. We have been stopped 30 to 45 minutes. Someone will be getting hungry or needs to use the restroom. This is just human nature we have trouble being still we all get restless.

Eventually someone says something about when the car was last serviced. When proper maintenance is not performed on your car. These are the types of things that can happen to anyone. No matter what the case may be with our step by step repair instructions. You will learn to make the repairs we have listed below.

Transmission Fluid, Filter and Pan Gasket

Lets go to the parts store and get supplies. We will need ten or twelve quarts of transmission fluid. We will also need your make and model of your vehicle. Get a filter and transmission pan gasket. The hardest part to this whole job is the torque pattern on the transmission pan.

We have all our parts and we are ready to tackle another repair job. Buy now you have started to feel comfortable with car repair procedures. We are going to use the car ramps on this particular job. We need to align the ramps with the front vehicle tires. Have someone help you get the vehicle on the ramps.

Pull vehicle up on ramps and stop in wheel wells. Put on the hand brake for safety. Get drain pan for transmission fluid. The regular oil pan will due it holds over ten quarts. Drain Plug on side or bottom of transmission pan.

Do you have a drain plug?Unless stated the removal of all plugs will be counter clockwise. 'Lefty Lousy' or 'Righty Tighty' Yes, Drain transmission fluid in the drain pan. This will take about 15 minutes. Once the pan is drained. Remove all the bolts and let transmission pan down and remove. Go to Step 2

No Drain Plug in transmission pan. Which only makes it slightly more difficult. This will require a 7/16 in socket and a 3/8 in drive. Do not remove all the bolts. Leave two bolts on the rear and two bolts on the front of the transmission pan.

Put two pieces of 14-gauge wire through the holes in the transmission drain pan. Secure the other end of the wire to hold the pan. Look for somewhere on the frame above the pan to attach wires. The pan can now be suspended from the wire. Remove all the bolts.

Hold and twist the pan slightly so that fluid will drain out on one of the corners.

When you feel comfortable that the pan is light enough for you to remove. Drop the pan the rest of the way to the floor. Pour the rest of the fluid into the drip pan. Go to Step 2


Once you have the transmission pan removed the filter will just slide down and out. Lay some rags down on the floor to soak up excess fluid. Take a clean shop rag and clean the gunk inside and around the edges of the pan area. Take a razor blade knife and carefully remove the rest of the gasket material.

It has a magnet it the bottom of the pan to gather any metal fillings. Just finish wiping the pan out with clean rags. There is a company called Versa-Chem that produces a gasket bonding compound. Get a tube of Blue 613 let set on pan about five minutes.

Apply gasket seal making sure all the holes line up. Make sure gasket is in the correct position. Let stand about 15 to 20 minutes. Do not forget: to install the new filter! Now it is time to replace the transmission pan. Putting the pan on is much easier without any transmission fluid.

Snug up all the bolts on the pan. Torque every other bolt to 15 inch pounds. This way you will not squeeze the gasket and make it leak. Finish tightening the bolts (15 inch pounds) and then put in transmission fluid. Shifting the transmission from reverse to drive will make sure fluid get to all gears.

You are becoming a seasoned veteran of vehicle repair. You probably never even thought about having your own business. But the option is now there. Good Job

Why spend hundreds of dollars for something you can do yourself for twenty dollars.

Air Filter Replacement

Air Conditioner Recharge

Front and Rear Brake Replacement

Change Oil and Filter

Replace Spark Plugs and Set Gap

Transmission Fluid, Filter and Gasket Replace

Wiper Refill Blades or Wiper Arm Complete

By: David Trujillo

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